Give Your Ride a Vertical Boost

Depend on Queen City Overland for off-road vehicle suspension installations in Charlotte, NC

If you want to go off-roading the right way, you'll need more than just bigger tires. You need a proper off-road vehicle suspension system to keep your rig running over tough terrain.

Whether you drive a Wrangler or a Raptor, Queen City Overland can install a suspension system to enhance your off-roading experience. Call 260-229-9363 today to schedule a suspension system installation at our shop in Charlotte, NC. Or call us with any questions or needs and we can point you in the right direction

Take your ride to the next level

Not sure if you need to upgrade your suspension system? Modifying the suspension on your 4x4 can:

  • Help you navigate rocky terrain
  • Improve your vehicle's handling
  • Add larger tire or wheels
  • Acheive higher approach angles

If you're ready to improve your rig's performance, Queen City Overland can help. We have the skills and equipment needed to install suspension kits on all types of vehicles.

Contact us today to schedule an off-road vehicle suspension installation. We serve clients in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Traverse tough terrain with ease

You don't want to bottom out when going over rough trails or bumpy roads. Whether you're sightseeing through the mountains or driving down the beach, you can count on our suspension services to keep your ride smooth. By lifting up your vehicle, we make it easier for you to keep control while you're off-roading. We use top-notch equipment to make improvements and adjustments to your vehicle.

Don't miss out on adventurous trips because your truck isn't equipped for the journey. Get set up with a better suspension system by going through us.

Learn more about the suspension system installations we offer in Charlotte, NC by calling now.

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