Tackle Tough Terrain With Confidence

Our team installs a wide variety of trail armor options in Charlotte, NC

Don't leave your vehicle's undercarriage unprotected. All it takes is one rock at the wrong angle, and you've got a serious problem on your hands. Keep your rig safe with a trail armor skid plate from Queen City Overland.

Not sure what type of trail armor to install? We can help you choose the right option for your vehicle. Call 260-229-9363 today to schedule an installation or consultation in Charlotte, NC.

Stop trail rash in its tracks

If you plan to take your rig over rocks or ruts, you really need to install trail armor. Adding this protection can help with:

  • Protection: Keep your rig’s body safe from unnecessary trail rash .
  • Recovery: Different mounting points to get yourself out of sticky situations.
  • Higher Clearance : Giving you maximum clearance to get the best angle while offroading.

Ready to get trail armor installed? Contact Queen City Overland today to speak with a rig mechanic serving the Charlotte, NC area.

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